Did You Know? - Interesting Outdoor Facts

Did You Know

THE FIRST reported crop damage by deer was reported in Lafayette County in 1834.

* ADULT LOONS have a black velvety head, red eye, sleek torpedo-shaped body, black-and-white checkered back, a white "collar" on the back of the neck and a pointed bill that they hold parallel within the water.

* WEASELS use runways of runways of hares and rabbits when hunting.

* A GRAVLAX is a slat-cured fish.

* A DUCKIE is an inflatable kayak, usually used on rivers.

* A CLUMBUNGAY is a boat old in design and build, usually loved and cared for.

* A CHEECHAKO is a newcomer to Alaska or north Canada; anyone who has not experienced a winter in the Far North.

* HUMMINGBIRDS have the highest metabolism rate of any warm-bodied vertebrate animal in the world, except possibly the shrew.

* COMMON LOONS breed and…

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