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Life gets complicated!!!

Earlier this week, The Outdoors Guy had a CT scan and labs. The following day, during his appointment with oncologist, Dr. Gill, she told him his CT scan was clean again! HOORAY!!! There continues to be no sign of the pancreatic tumor he was diagnosed with in May 2015. In addition, his labs looked good, with only a few minor changes.
Bob and I always have a little anxiety waiting for these results, even though we have felt confident for many months that the tumor is gone.   
How blessed Mr. Outdoors and our family feel receiving such marvelous news again! He has now had so many clean scans we have lost count! Yet, we have never lost the joy we feel with each spotless result!
When Mr. Outdoors was first diagnosed with pancreatic cancer nearly 23 months ago, my first clue something was wrong was his yellow skin. Later, we learned the reason why. The tumor was located on his bile duct, had closed it off, and was not allowing bile to leave his liver. To remedy the problem, a metal stent was inserted to open the duct. At a later date, a plastic stent was inserted inside the permanent one.
But, The Outdoors Guy just can’t seem to keep it together. His stents, that is!
The reason stems from one surprise on this week’s CT scan. Dr. Gill observed that the plastic stent, which should still be inside the metal one, had moved significantly, 10 inches to be exact. According to Mayo Clinic’s website, “Migration occurs in about 10 percent of cases.”
Dr. Gill said Mr. Outdoors could have the plastic stent replaced soon or wait to have it done until he develops problems, such as bacterial bio-film growth and biliary sludge accumulation. How will he know? His skin will turn yellow again.
Bob will need to wait for at least three weeks and hope he doesn’t develop these complications. The reason for this is he is scheduled for cataract surgery in both eyes during the next two weeks. Plus, there will be recovery time.
While Mr. Outdoors suffered for several months with painful shingles in and around his left eye caused by chemo, the cataract in his left eye continually grew worse... and so has his eyesight, which he says is like trying to see through haze. Most people don’t look forward to surgery, but these two cataract surgeries are ones he is happily anticipating!!
Once completed, he must wait for two weeks before he can golf. By then, he’ll not only be able to see those little white balls, but even have a clear view of the beautiful countryside and where the balls land… if he really wants to know!!
The biggest conflict with that first day of golf is a biggie because it will also be our 45th wedding anniversary!!! So, what’s a guy to do? I don’t know about the guy… but the girl? I’ll think she’ll pray for rain!!!! Sorry, Honey!!!!

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