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We’re in deep… AGAIN!!!

Three years ago, Bob and I moved our belongings to a country condo. At the time, I wrote, “We’re in deep” with everything involving relocation.
Bob wasn’t convinced the time was right to make the move to condo life for a second time. In fact, he was downright grumpy about it!!! Shortly after moving here though, he realized he never ever wants to go back to a house again. Our country condo has become the home The Outdoors Guy didn’t know he wanted. Part of it is because of less work, of course. The second reason being there are so many opportunities to view wildlife right outside our windows.
Why then are The Outdoors Guy and I in deep AGAIN?!!! Two words…painting, flooring. Even before moving in, we knew the flooring would have to be replaced sooner than later. And the walls had seen better days, too. We put them on our bucket list to do within two years.
Then, The Outdoors Guy was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer 22 months ago. Suddenly, our world was turned upside down! No longer did flooring and painting projects seem so pressing. In fact, they immediately dropped off our radar screen.
However, in December, Bob had his third CT scan and tumor marker test since completing chemo and radiation. It was the third scan where no tumors were detected! Plus, his tumor marker was at 11, well within the normal range of 55 or less.
Because Mr. Outdoors is doing so well, we decided it was time to cross these two projects off our bucket list. For us, winter seemed like a good season to get through the upheaval.
We started tearing the place apart last Sunday (Feb. 26), putting away decor, taking down wall hangings, removing switch plates, vents, towel bars and stashing these, along with small pieces of furniture, downstairs.
Mr. Outdoors and I knew the walls were bad, but after removing wall hangings, EEWW!!! It was even worse than we realized!
The next day, our painter, Derrick, and his co-worker, Jake, removed trim. Meanwhile, Bob labeled each piece for easy replacement. Next, they pulled up the carpet and padding. Tuesday, Derrick began painting. After last week, the only space he has left to paint is the lower-level family room.
The flooring is being installed this week. We’re expecting the process to take 4-5 days.
When the project is finished, it will be exciting to put everything back together again. Our condo will almost seem like a new place!
Yup! We are most definitely in deep! Still, it won’t be long before Bob and I come up for air! And, when we resurface, aaahhhh… our neck of the woods will be lookin’ mighty fine!!!!

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