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More than a milestone

I never, ever thought this day would come!
Today’s entry marks my 150th blog since Kathy’s Korner debuted on Feb. 1, 2011.
Bob, (aka Mr. Outdoors, The Outdoors Guy and other nicknames I have endeared him with) and his webmaster convinced me this would be a good and "fun" experience for me to expose Bob’s readers to another side of the big guy, or to write about any other topic of interest.
Even before my very first post, I fretted! What in the world would I write about in future blogs to grab your attention and bring you back for another visit?
Well, if you weren’t already acquainted with Mr. Outdoors, and didn’t know he is a walking outdoors encyclopedia and a real piece of work to-boot, you have discovered these qualities through my blogs, along with tidbits about our family and other issues.
Admittedly, I’ve had some fun at my other half’s expense. But, that was part of the deal! Yet, I haven’t completely let myself off the hook either because in a few blogs I’ve made fun of myself, as well!
What I think and what I say don’t always jive! So, one thing I like about blogging, and writing in general, is it allows me time to think about what I write before it is published. I wish my verbal skills were as concise!
A few of my favorite blogs include my very first, Outdoorsman and girly girl; #3 Thar’s bears in them thar woods, #17 Dad’s pocketknife, #49 What’s the matter with “kids” today?, #56 New toy turns outdoors guy into little kid, #57 Easy as falling off a log and #64 EEEEK!!! There’s a mouse in the house!
Following Bob’s Journey was the series chronicling Mr. Outdoors’ battle with pancreatic cancer, totaling 34 blogs.
After learning of his diagnosis May 8, 2015, and a rough weekend that followed, we decided to trust God would heal him. Our family has been vigilant in maintaining this positive attitude. Throughout Bob’s ordeal, he has traveled more bumpy roads than hunting trips have taken him. Yet, Mr. Outdoors and our family have always had our eye on the goal and kept the faith.
While we’re on this subject, I have additional news to report! The Outdoors’ Guy had an MRI Jan. 10. He hadn’t been home long before the phone rang. On the line was the physicians’ assistant from the cancer center. Mr. Outdoors was a bit alarmed when the call came so quickly, almost fearing the worst.
The PA was extremely pleased to inform Bob that his MRI is totally clean, and there is no sign of cancer in or around the liver or abdominal area!!!
An additional piece of good news is the result of The Outdoors Guy’s Jan. 17, endoscopy. This was done to track the healing process of the ulcer he was diagnosed with July 19, 2016, caused by chemotherapy. The test showed the ulcer is nearly healed. He should only need one more endoscopy.
In addition, shingles in his left eye, also a result of chemotherapy, are close to being resolved!
During Bob’s ordeal, my perpetual prayer has been for God to remove the cancer from him as far as the east is from the west. The countless number of prayers for him, including yours, have been answered the way we had hoped.
You are among our family’s greatest blessings and we thank you! Through our collective prayers, God has given Mr. Outdoors a miraculous healing!
Only God knows what the future holds... but we know Bob’s future is firmly in His hands!
Blog #150 will perhaps be my everlasting favorite because it proclaims great news! Bob is alive and well!!!

"Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours." Mark 11:24

See "Wipeout"


#1 Mark Rieke 2017-01-26 14:49
Thanks for sharing the wonderful news. And thanks for being two great examples of how to handle such crises.

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