Trempealeau County game warden rescues owl

Wisconsin DNR Bureau of Law Enforcement

Wisconsin DNR Conservation Warden Meghan Jensen (pictured) has answered the call of wildlife in tight conditions before - but this one was a first.
And it ended happily on a wing and - a team.
Warden Meghan, who serves Trempealeau County, got a call the morning of Sept. 23, from a driver who believed he had killed an owl while traveling a local road the night before. He believed the bird was dead, after getting jammed into his vehicle's front end. He decided he would handle the aftermath in the morning.
Amazing the surprises a bright morning daylight can deliver! He went to the vehicle, prepared for the sad task and discovered the owl wasn't dead. It was just hanging out - in a really uncomfortable position.
Who's he going to call? Warden Meghan. She's always up for a challenge! She was in his area and drove right over.
"The owl was stuck! Just the wings and head were sticking out of the grill," she said. "The rest of its body was lodged in tight." Teamwork was the answer as Warden Meghan and the driver worked carefully and freed the owl from the grip of the grill. "It appeared uninjured." Wow.
To be safe and sure, Warden Meghan took the bird to the Coulee Region Humane Society for a checkout. AOK! That calls for another wow.
Time to get the little guy home. She then drove this lucky bird to the wooded area in the general vicinity of the unfortunate incident the night before, and successfully released it back into its wild home.
Next time, this bird needs to look both ways - then left again before crossing. "What an adventure for this fella!" And for Warden Meghan, too.
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SOURCE: Wisconsin DNR