A fishing tale for the books

This is a true story of unparalleled proportion as told to me by Mr. Outdoors.
In early April, Mr. Outdoors and longtime buddy, "Texas," planned an afternoon of fishing at Ol" Tom's boathouse.
The Outdoors Guy was a little late getting there. As Bob headed toward the boathouse, he noticed Texas' fishing pole was laying on the dock of the boathouse. There was Texas, near the water trying to remove his Mepps spinner that was hung up on a bare branch high up in a tree. According to The Outdoors Guy, he picked up Texas' fishing rod, rolled the rod in a large, circular motion a few times and the spinner dropped free from the branch and into the water. Problem solved.
Rather than walk up the steep hill and back down to the boathouse, Texas decided to walk along the top of the sidehill. He slipped and put his huge elbow, forearm and hand through an old, decaying fishing shanty onshore.
Texas immediately shouted, “Don’t tell Kathy!!!”
Between these two guys, at least one of them falls every time they are doing something outdoors-related. They have that history, so I always caution them, “Don’t fall!” But like any husband and his good buddy, do they listen? No way, Jose!!
Texas left his mark at the scene of the crash: a gaping hole in the shape of a forearm now graces the old shanty! With the evidence for all the world to see, Texas has obviously hastened the demise of the structure with one graceless tumble.
Yet, this afternoon, unlike any other, had only begun!
After a good laugh, the guys began casting for northern pike and bass from the deck of the boathouse again.
I am not exaggerating when I tell you Texas matches his nickname. He seems to be the size of Texas as he stands a full 6 feet 5 inches tall! Together, he and Bob look like Mutt and Jeff!
So, when Texas cast his line again, it got hung up in the another branch! Combining Texas’ height, plus the added length of the line, it seemed that line was caught-up a quarter-mile high in the tree!
Texas tried in vain to use the same technique as Mr. Outdoors did to free the spinner. So long and goodbye!! The spinner remained up in the tree and his line? Busted!!
Hang on! We're only halfway through the story.
Next, Texas tied on a new Mepps spinner. While casting, the good ol' boys laughed and laughed while rehashing grade school, high school and college days. Every so often, one of them commented on how close a pair of mallard ducks were flying overhead.
Texas cast his line again. Wouldn’t you know it, right before their very eyes, the mallards simultaneously took flight. One of the duck’s feet nicked the spinner, breaking Texas’ line again!!!
Texas and Bob gazed up at the duck. The pair watched in disbelief as the duck disappeared up the slough with Texas’ spinner and line in tow.
Texas, in a matter-of-fact tone, calmly proclaimed, “There it goes…”
Bob shook his head! What more could he say?
Texas tied one more lure onto his line. Within the next few casts he asked, "Now, what's that in the water?”
Mr. Outdoors broke out laughing yet again and said, "That's the end of your two-piece fishing rod!"
Texas pulled in his line, one hand over another, laughing just as hard.
"This is one fishing day I will never forget," The Outdoors guy remarked. "We are DONE!!"
Ironically, they weren’t because the very next day, Bob returned to the boathouse to try his luck for panfish. Texas was going to be late.
Watching his bobber, The Outdoors guy looked over toward the east end of the dock. Lo and behold there… on the dock… was Texas’ Mepps spinner with those couple of feet of line still attached to the spinner, but no longer attached to the foot of the duck!!
How the duck knew where to return it’s unwanted baggage is anyone’s guess.
The Outdoors Guy called Texas with the news.
After a day of fishing gone wrong, and now the return of the hijacked spinner, they had another good laugh, like they have had during their more than 60-year friendship.
My spin? If you see these two guys together... DUCK!