Out the door!!!!

Do you remember? It was 12 months ago I was tired of my side of the closet bulging at the seams. I was guilty of keeping clothes for years that I no longer wore mainly because I couldn’t make a decision on what to keep or donate.
I visited the website, Hoarders Help. After reading the description of a hoarder, the first two traits struck home: “Indecisiveness and perfectionism.”
I read about a one-year challenge for clothes hoarders. It suggested switching clothing to face the opposite direction they normally do. As an article of clothing is worn and laundered, turn it the regular way again. After one year, whatever remains that has not been worn, and therefore has not been turned to face the usual way, donate those items.
BOOM!!! I was hooked and pledged to take the challenge.  
Wow! Those 365 days flew by in a hurry!!! I could hardly believe it when I pulled out my 2019 calendar. Yup, there was the Post-It attached to January with the reminder staring back at me.
Inspired by the challenge, I did not wait for the one-year deadline before beginning to eliminate a few articles at a time. It was a slow, arduous process, but once into it, I kept at it.
When the Jan. 28th deadline arrived, I leafed through my wardrobe looking for any items still turned in the opposite direction. To my delight, there were only eight turned about-face. YAY!!!
Those eight garments were added to my final donation tally. I am pleased to report Goodwill was the recipient of 42 tops/blouses/sweaters, 4 dresses, 6 blazers/jackets/coats, 8 pairs of slacks/jeans and 5 pairs of shoes.
Although this was MY self-imposed challenge and not The Outdoors Guy’s, at my suggestion, he went through his side of the closet… grumpy and halfheartedly!!! Tee-hee!!! It took him all of 10 minutes!! Still, he donated 28 shirts/sweaters and 3 pairs of slacks. I know he has more clothing hanging around that will never see the light of day, but it’s somewhere between unbelievable and a miracle he sifted through his things in the first place!
To that end, I’m pleased to report there is less clothing filling my space than his!!! Woo-hoo!!!
My enthusiasm spilled over into household goods as well, adding 27 items to the tally.  
When shopping, I have learned to be more discerning and now ask myself, “Do I really need this?” More often than not, the answer is a big, resounding, “NO!!!” The best part? I can walk away and not look back.
If you’re on the fence about taking this challenge, I emphatically recommend you get off it!!! During these winter months, while we are spending so many hours indoors, is an excellent time to go for it!
Whether you take baby steps or one giant leap to accomplish your goal, BE ALL IN!!! IT’S A GREAT FEELING!!!