Monkey business!!!

If you have kids, you might remember reading to them the children’s bedtime story, "Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed."
In this tale, mama monkey tells her little monkeys good night and leaves the room. In short order, the young monkeys start jumping on the bed. Things don’t turn out well for them when one after another falls off the bed and gets hurt.
The monkeys’ story came to mind this week as I dealt with a little monkey business of our own that I thought had been wiped clean from our in-trouble bedtime slate.
Our story isn’t about little monkeys, though. It’s about one BIG one!!!! And, it’s not about jumping on the bed it’s about… well, let me explain…
A few years ago, The Outdoors Guy had a really bad bedtime habit of snitching hard candy and sneaking into bed with it! The first time I discovered it was when I found a half-dissolved butterscotch ball on his pillow!!
I know what you’re thinking…EEEWWW!!! Yup… my exact reaction! It would prove to be the first of more than a few such incidents. And, it didn’t matter how grumpy I got! Besides, I was worried he would choke on the darn things!!
Each time I found candy residue, it meant changing the pillowcase and sometimes the pillow protector, as well.
It also didn’t leave much to my imagination when I thought about how our dentist would react to his nasty childish routine!!!
A few years ago, I actually believed I had him broken of this stupid habit. Silly me!!!
The other morning, I was aggravated to find a red stain on the pillow and protector from a root beer barrel!!! I know. You must be laughing your head off about now! I kinda am, too!!!
AARRGGHH!!! I was not a happy camper!! And it was work getting that stinking red stain out!
I know it’s not nice to have to scold a 70-year-old pancreatic cancer patient.
And, I don’t want to become his mother. So, I asked him in the kindest way possible, “Do you remember the 'Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed' story we used to read to our boys?”
Yes, yes he did! Good! Now we were getting somewhere!!
“Well, here’s our version of the story…“’NO MORE CANDY IN MRS. OUTDOORS’ BED!!!’”
I think he got the message! But, time will tell. For a 70-year-old, he sure is full of a whole lotta monkey business!!!!!