Does HE really walk on water?

Will he or will he not play on Sunday? That is the question.
Well, not really. Green Bay's God is a good bet to start against the Minnesota Vikings at Lambeau Field.
At least that's how Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer referred to Packers MVP quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who injured his left knee and was carted off the field late in the second quarter of last Sunday's opener against the Chicago Bears. Rodgers returned in the second half to rally the Packers from a 20-0 deficit for a 24-23 victory.
In a conference call with Wisconsin media earlier this week, Zimmer said this about Rodgers: “He walks on water, so I’m sure he’s going to play.”
Question: Was that a compliment or a wise crack?
Rodgers is working with the rehab unit this week, even admitting that his injury progress is a day to day thing. However, with or without Rodgers, the Packers face a stiff challenge and could be 1-1 after Sunday's matchup with the Vikes.
Why? Because the Vikings are far superior on defense. Rodgers is far better than the Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins, but he certainly won't be 100 percent healthy if he does play. The Packers also have superiority against the Vikings weak offensive line, but it ends there. The Vikings defense reigns supreme.
The Packers also revealed on Wednesday that No. 1 receiver Davante Adams sat out practice with a shoulder injury. Adams says he hurt the shoulder on his touchdown catch. He described it as a minor injury and feels good about being ready for Sunday
A lot has to happen from now to then with Rodgers, Adams and the rest of the Packers squad.