Brewers' playoff hopes begin with Cubs

Let's get serious for a few minutes.
The Milwaukee Brewers are in a precarious position entering their remaining schedule.
Let's be real. The Brewers aren't going to win their division. The Cubs are way too good.
Second, the Brewers only chance is to get a wild-card playoff spot and that's not a given either, although they are on top of the wild-card standings this morning.
Give credit to general manager David Stearns. He appears to have pushed all the right buttons to put the Brewers in a playoff push. But, is it enough?
The Brewers face a critical three-game homestand against the Cubs beginning today. They must win at least two games, not one, but at least two!
Then it's the Giants at home for another three games before the Brewers go to Chi-town for three games against the Cubbies. Then it's a return to Miller Park for a three-game stand again the Pirates and another three against the Reds. The Brewers then take to the road to Pittsburgh for three games and three more at St. Louis before closing out the season with three games at home against the Tigers.
By no imagination, is it an easy task.
I've said all year the Brewers "play up" to their competition, but also "play down" to their competition. With 12 of its 24 remaining games against opponents with poor records, it's time for Milwaukee to show it truly belongs in the postseason. The Brewers must continue to win series against the best teams, but also add at least one three-game sweep against the sub-par teams.
What do you think?

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