Will Brewers live up to 'Boober's' baseball wisdom?

Coach William" Boober" Parizek, God rest his soul, had two trademark sayings when I played for the La Crosse American Legion baseball team in 1964, the year I graduated from high school, and the year our team finished runner-up in the State Legion Tournament.
I might add that Boober was not only a legend in La Crosse during his baseball and 12-inch fast-pitch softball playing days, he was one helluva American Legion coach. He was also the best baseball historian in La Crosse, no questions asked. If I ever had a question, Boober would get me the answer.
The first advice Boober always told the players on our Legion team was that when a batter walks, "He scores seven out of 10 times."
Boober's other saying was, "In the Major Leagues, win series and you win pennants."
I followed those two pieces of wisdom throughout my playing days and also my watching days. Interestingly, they really do occur more often than not.
The Milwaukee Brewers, my second favorite team after the St. Louis Cardinals, have won six straight series and lead the National League Central. They go for their seventh straight series victory on Sunday when they meet the Chicago White Sox in the final of a three-game set in "Chi-Town."
Boober was my friend and best baseball coach ever. If he were here today, I would nudge him in the side and gently remind him the Brewers had eight walks off White Sox' pitchers on Friday, with not one of them scoring in an 8-3 loss. Sorry, Boober!
However, if the Brewers can continue to win series, they will remain on top of the Central Division at the end of the season. Their only stumbling block is the Chicago Cubs.
I admit the Brewers have overcome the Cardinals' jinx so far this year, having won two of three series. They host the Cards in a four-game series later this month. Then they travel to St. Louis for a three-game set in August and another three games in late September. Time will tell if their series winning streak will continue.
The Brew Crew also has 11 more games against the Cubs.
In honor of Boober's memory, I hope and pray he will be right... again.
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