Packers lose game in trenches

There are several reasons why Green Bay suffered a disappointing 34-27 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles at Lambeau Field on Thursday night.
Poor play calling? Special teams? Injuries? Poor decision-making by quarterback Aaron Rodgers on the last play of the game?
Many armchair quarterbacks say it was the last play of the game. Green Bay relied solely on Rodgers' arm on all four downs with less than a minute to go and the ball on the one-yard line?
"Why not run the ball at least once with only 3 feet to go for a touchdown?" they holler.
To me, the loss began long before the last 20 seconds of the game. It began in Green Bay's trenches on both sides of the ball. While the last play of the game will be long remembered in Packerland, it was the way the offensive and defensive lines struggled throughout the night.
Green Bay's defensive line simply couldn't hold its ground. Philadelphia's offensive line opened gaping holes time and again.
Meanwhile, the Packers' offensive line, could only create creases for their running backs to squeeze through. I agree it certainly didn't help when running back Jamaal Williams was lost to injury on the first play from scrimmage, but let's face it, Green Bay's line simply can't run block.
Statistics don't lie. Green Bay's offense gained 414 yards through the air, but I'm sure the original game plan didn't call for Rodgers to attempt 53 passes either. The Eagles managed 160 passing yards from timely tosses by Carson Wentz, who had 26 fewer attempts than Rodgers.
The Eagles rushed for 176 yards (5.3 yards per carry) compared to Green Bay's 77. Why pass if you can run the ball at will, right?
Now, the Packers have a couple days of extra rest before traveling to Dallas for another NFC matchup on Sunday, Oct. 6. It may not be near enough time considering Green Bay's growing injury list, including All-Pro wide receiver Davante Adams.
Question: Do you think the Cowboys and other opposing staffs, will emphasize their rushing attacks against Green Bay?  
The blueprint is out for all to see now.

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