Out and About with Bob

Turkeys are sure in a loving mood.
I watched a gobbler with a harem of hens for a couple of weeks near our condo in the valley. Slowly, but surely, the harem dwindled from about a dozen hens down to only three.
A couple of days ago, I heard a gobble from the woods where the tom and his harem often came out from every morning. It was the first gobble I heard since I began watching them. Apparently, the gobbler was willing and able to breed another hen, but none were available.
Meanwhile, deer also are frequenting the huge alfalfa and cut cornfield near our condo. They prefer early morning and evening feeding hours, but one or two whitetails make their way into the field to forage on alfalfa shoots during daylight hours, too.
The Mississippi River was at 14.23 feet early Thursday morning and is expected to hover around the 14-foot mark for the next several days.
I saw one very large snapping turtle while golfing on Wednesday. Check out the short video we produced about the proper and safe way to pick up and remove a turtle across a road.
Fishing is pretty much at a standstill in the Coulee Region as most boat landings are flooded.
The weather forecast doesn't look promising for this weekend either along with the dreaded word "S-N-O-W" possibly on Saturday.
Until we meet, have a great day outdoors.