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Out and About with Bob

"Buffalo Bagels!!!" shouted Colonel Potter on the old MASH television series.
That's just how "Junior" Muetze and I feel about the fast rising water from the recent rain deluge, especially up north. The river was just beginning to get to fishable levels below 7 feet (still 2.6 feet above normal river level in La Crosse), and fishing was becoming very productive.
Now, we spend our time preparing the boathouse for more high water and another forecast crest of 12.5 feet, or .5 of a foot above flood stage on Monday. That's a rapid rise of more than 5 feet in six days.
It will certainly be interesting to see how the pro anglers fare in the Bassmaster Elite Series event in La Crosse from Thursday through Sunday. My guess is their weight bags will be lighter than usual.
Meanwhile, fawns are following their mothers through chest high grass along the creek below our condo in the country. The does stand out like sore thumbs with their reddish summer coats. It's difficult to see the fawns although look for the tall grass moving several yards behind the does.
Until we meet, have a great day outdoors.