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Out and About with Bob

We had a great few days last weekend despite the poor weather. Our oldest son, Jon, his wife, Sara, and grandsons, Jackson, 10, and Bryson, 8, arrived Friday night from Cloquet, MN.
We went trout fishing near our condo in the valley late Saturday morning before heavy rain moved into the Coulee Region. We caught several small brook trout, and three larger ones that grandpa cleaned.
I just love being around the grandkids, teaching them about the outdoors and watching them fish. Jon shot some video of our trout fishing trip that's on our website home page. I hope you enjoy it.
Hey, where is the fall color? "Texas Terry" and I played golf on Wednesday and talked about the lack of color, especially at this time of the year. Too much moisture this summer? Temperatures too warm? When will we see the peak color... if at all? Leaves are still green in many areas. What do you think?
Meanwhile, deer hunters and small game hunters are complaining about the large amount of vegetation.
I haven't been fishing at the boathouse lately because the river is running high, too high to be able to walk out to it.
Oh, well, I'll just have to find something else to do.
Until we meet, have a great day outdoors.