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Out and About with Bob

Panfish, bass and northern pike continue to be the dominant fish species taken on local rivers and lakes in the Coulee Region this week.
"Junior" Muetze and I have done very well in the last couple of weeks. However, no catfish yet.
We're heading onto the water on Friday to see if we can catch some more panfish for a Friday night fish fry. Fish are twice as tasty when they're fresh. Besides, it's much cheaper than going out for fish.
I drove down to the boathouse on Thursday, closed my eyes and listened to the bald eagles whistling back and forth to each other across the slough. One swooped down and scooped up a fish for a meal.
Meanwhile, it appears there are plenty of deer for hunters again this fall. I'm not the only one seeing plenty of nice-sized bucks. I have talked with quite a few other hunters who are chomping at the bit to kick off the season. Several are reporting some very big bucks on their trail cams... a few large antlered ol' boys.
I know there are turkeys, too, after seeing several hens with poults earlier this summer. However, they must be sticking to deep forest cover to avoid the hot sun beating down on alfalfa fields.
Until we meet, have a great day outdoors.