Out and About with Bob

Fishing is almost at a standstill in the Coulee Region now that the cold wave has arrived.
Rain, rain and more rain has pushed local rivers to near flood stage. Thank goodness rain is supposed to leave for a week or so, but now it's going to get cold.I went down to Ol' Tom's boathouse on Wednesday morning, but didn't do very well. I caught a couple of 8-inch perch, but that was about it, other than getting stung by a bee on my forehead.
Later in the day, I went to my neighborhood trout stream and caught three brookies with several more on the end of my line. However, they didn't hit hard enough to hook well.
Before I left our condo in the valley to go trout fishing, I noticed several turkeys foraging between the standing corn and alfalfa field near us. Their deep black silhouettes stood out vividly.
Squirrels remain busy caching nuts and seeds.
Opossum and raccoon are obviously on the move by the abundance of roadkills.
Until we meet, have a great day outdoors.