Out and About with Bob

Snow, snow and more snow.
When will winter ever end?
The older I get, the less I enjoy winter. It simply seems to drag on forever, especially a COLD, SNOWY winter. Well, I guess we just have to cross the days off the calendar and dream about SPRING, SUMMER and FALL.
My daily drives around the Coulee Region have produced several interesting views of nature.
* Be sure to check out the Neshonoc Dam video on our homepage. BRRR... it sure was cold that day.
* Deer trails are becoming more prominent and hard-packed despite the frequent snow.
* I was noticing more roadkills during the very brief warm-up, but they have tapered off with the recent snowfalls. Snowplows could be scraping the dead critters off roads before we even get a chance to see or avoid them. As snow melts, we will see their carcasses on the sides of the roads.
* Fishermen are scattering more and more on the ice as they attempt to find a few new hot spots.
* Ice anglers below dams are catching a few walleye and sauger, but nothing great, according to my sources.
* While I was grilling early Tuesday evening, a herd of deer were congregating in the huge field near our condo in the valley. It was so funny watching one deer after another race down a heavily trodden trail to reach the cornfield.
* Snowmobilers, downhill and cross-country skiers, snowshoers and sledders are out in full force thanks to the deep snow throughout the Greater La Crosse Area.
* My younger friends tell me that business is brisk at Mount La Crosse.
* La Crosse County snowmobile trails and beyond are open and either groomed or being groomed this week.
* Minnesota DNR conservation officer Tom Hemker, stationed in Winona, reports the weather lightened the number of anglers within the last week. He added that snowmobile trails in the Winona area are back open and in good shape.
Until we meet, have a great day outdoors.