Out and About with Bob


Nothing matches the sweet aroma of freshly cut alfalfa after Tuesday's mowing of the huge field bordering our condo in the valley. I took in a deep breath of it early Wednesday morning while walking to our mailbox.
Deer and turkeys are attracted to it as well, feeding during all times of the day.
I watched a couple of turkeys in the distance early Wednesday morning. When I mentioned it to my wife, she said when a neighbor stopped over for a front porch visit early last Sunday afternoon, they watched a dozen or more turkeys in the same field.
Gnats and flies are driving deer from the shady woods during the day. Bucks' antlers are in full velvet and forking out even more.
It's been too hot and muggy to try trout fishing. Pesky gnats are also preventing anglers from fishing area streams.
FLW Tackle Warehouse professional bass anglers are discovering
the Mississippi River is rising as they impact La Crosse waters this week.
Meanwhile, across the Mississippi River, Minnesota DNR conservation officer Tyler Ramaker, in La Crescent, investigated several fishing violations. Assistance was given to other law enforcement agencies on several calls. During a routine check of a trout angler, it was discovered the angler had been driving while impaired. Ramaker also responded to several rattlesnake and bald eagle-related calls.
DNR conservation officer Mitch Boyum, in Rushford, reports working anglers in the area. Hot days made trout angling slow and difficult. Phone calls are starting to come in about the upcoming deer seasons. Time was also spent checking ATV complaint areas.
DNR conservation officer Tom Hemker, in Winona, reports good fishing and heavy recreational boating on the Mississippi River. He followed up on a water violation and a trespass complaint. Rattlesnakes continue to visit unwanted locations around the area.
Until we meet, have a great day outdoors.