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Karen Perry from Wild Birds Unlimited

Well, we certainly have had enough rain the last week.
With rain brings up the need to check our feeders and our birdbaths. Please make sure that the seed is flowing through your seed tubes and not damp and clogging up. If that happens, mold and bacteria can build up quickly causing harm to our backyard friends.  
Same is true for the birdbaths. Dump out the water, clean it with either one of our awesome "natural" cleaners or 1 part bleach to 9 parts of water. There are a lot of fledglings out there so if you are having window strikes due to babies "learning" to navigate, we have a product called Window Alert that works awesome on your windows to help this problem.
The baby grackles have fledged... ugh. They are so noisy and there are so many of them. I have cut back on the offering of my good seed blend and switched out to mostly safflower and black oil sunflower. This has helped keep the count down. I do put out some good stuff once a day so my "pretty" songbirds can have a treat.
Make sure you don't have any standing water around. Mosquitoes love to lay their eggs in standing water, so take a walk around your yard and dump any water from items that may hold water.  Refreshing the birdbath every day will help so it's not the same water.
Let's hope for some sun and dry weather SOON!
Happy Birding!
Karen Perry
Wild Birds Unlimited, 608-781-5088