Karen Perry from Wild Birds Unlimited

Aloha from Hawaii,
It's hard to believe we are still talking snow and birds having issues taking care of themselves. So I say, REPEAT AND REPEAT!!!
Birds need food, suet, WBU bark butter in any or all of the forms, high fat seeds and or good blends without the fillers!  
Birds need you to stay the course and not let them down.  
Birds need water!!!! Yes, to keep their feathers clean to keep them warm.
If you see robins, get yourself some “hulled” seed and soak up some raisins, etc. OR, just make it easy on yourself and go to Wild Birds Unlimited in Onalaska (608-781-5088).
We KNOW what your birds need! PLUS, we have sales on seed. Don’t put out bread crumbs etc., not good, not helpful, more harmful.
GO to the experts at Wild Birds Unlimited. Thank you and we look forward to taking care of your outdoor bird feeding needs!
Karen Perry