Karen Perry from Wild Birds Unlimited

As the snow falls, I like to think about spring things that are going on in mid-January.
Some of it involves being outdoors and:
Listening - Listen for chickadees to sing their two-note “spring call.”
Listen for the hooting of great horned owls (pictured) that are pairing up for breeding season.
Watching - Goldfinches will start to show small spots of bright yellow as they molt into their breeding plumage. Remember, they are here all winter long. Some will fly a bit further south, but there are goldfinches in the area throughout the year. They just look duller, but easy to spot by their markings.
If you’re in a wooded area, watch for small flocks of brown creepers lurking on your tree trunks. Spread some WBU Bark Butter on tree trunks to enjoy watching longer.
Doing - Make sure none of the seed in your feeders has become frozen and stuck inside the feeding ports. Give the feeders a shake to make sure seed is flowing.
Winter is not the time to let feeders go empty.
Make sure you have rinsed and cleaned out your heated bath. Water is most important all year long.
As always, happy birding and don’t forget to stop in and see us at Wild Birds Unlimited, Onalaska, 608-781-5088.
Karen Perry