Karen Perry from Wild Birds Unlimited

This is from my daughter's WBU Facebook post and WXOW interviewed her today about what to do about the birds in this snow spring situation were in:
Wild Birds Unlimited phone has been ringing off the hook! You ask why?
Everyone is concerned for our migratory birds and how we can help them survive in this annoying weather. We have help!  
Robins, bluebirds and other insect-eating species will also eat dried meal worms, fruit, WBU Bark Butter, Bark Butter Bits, suet and seeds that are out of their shell (ie., sunflower hearts, tree nuts and peanuts).
Many birds also are looking for a good source of water, so keep those heated baths out and make sure there is fresh water. While some places are out of birdseed - that's our job - so we have a great supply of whatever your birds may need.
Stop in at Wild Birds Unlimited (Crosseroads Center) across from Valley View.
Feed the birds!
Karen Perry