Karen Perry from Wild Birds Unlimited

Wild Birds Unlimited has had a few customers state that they have had Baltimore oriole sightings!
This is exciting. I have not seen or heard any yet, Stephanie, our manager, has heard them.  
I say, if you haven't already, get those oranges out and perhaps some grape jelly.
If you do nectar, it can be the same as hummingbird nectar. Please stay away from any nectar with additional additives and/or dyes. You will have other birds come to these foods as well.  
I find that house finches enjoy oranges and I get catbirds (haven't seen or heard them yet) at the jelly along with robins, cardinals and a woodpecker or two.
You can also put out our Wild Birds Bark Butter Bits and/or bark butter that now comes in small disposable containers.
A lot of migration birds enjoy suet, but sometimes are unable to manage clinging from a suet feeder.
Hummingbirds are close, so it wouldn't hurt to put that feeder out as well. Same rules apply to their nectar. Keep it simple. One part sugar to 4 parts water - nothing additional necessary. I typically have never seen a hummer in my yard before Mother's Day.
Stop in and see us at Wild Birds Unlimited in Onalaska for ALL your backyard birding needs. Our phone number is 608-781-5088.
Happy spring migration!
Karen Perry