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Karen Perry from Wild Birds Unlimited

Ah, August already and that means our spring friends will be leaving.  
Orioles will start to move out the end of the month and into September. I have not heard a house wren in some time, so I'm assuming they have migrated out. Warblers will be heading south this month as well. Keep food fresh and make sure to keep nectar and jelly out so that migrating birds can find food when needed.
Always water and with these hot humid days, please make sure you are changing that water daily if not twice a day. It gets pretty nasty with the heat.
We still have our "Hot Pepper" treats on sale, so if you have trouble with critters getting the food you put out such as suet dough, suet bits and or seed cylinders we carry all of those with hot pepper. It does not hurt the birds at all, but the critters sure don't like it.
Stay cool, enjoy your birds.
Karen Perry, Wild Birds Unlimited, 608-781-5088.