Karen Perry from Wild Birds Unlimited

I'm calling this report July bird notes:
* If you live in a forested area or take nature walks on really hot days, indigo buntings (pictured) will be about the only bird singing.
* Rain and humidity can cause seed in feeders to become moldy. It's very important to check your feeders and clean if seed isn't moving freely or looks damp. Make sure the feeder is DRY before adding FRESH seed.
* Red-winged blackbirds and common grackles will start forming small flocks and leave their nesting territory in search of more food and other flocks to join! Watch your feeders. They love anything hulled, peanuts, etc. You may want to make sure you have safflower and/or safflower cylinders so they don't raid your feeders.
* Cooper's hawks are learning to fly and hunt, so if you are seeing fewer birds at your feeders this could be the reason
Hard to believe it's the end of July. August is upon us. Keep the faith folks. Wear masks in public, stay six feet away if possible, stay safe and keep your feeding stations full of food. It's great nature and relaxing entertainment all year long!
Meanwhile, Wild Birds Unlimited LOVES hearing about your birding experiences and also loves helping you bring more birds to your backyard! Stop in and see us! We have an awesome new summer employee. Her name is Teesha and her passion for birds is unbelievable!
Also remember our bird food sale ends Friday, July 31.
Happy Birding!
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