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West-Central Wisconsin

MERRICK STATE PARK - Due to recent heavy rains in northwestern Wisconsin, water levels on the Mississippi River are rising quickly and will cover roads and campsites in the south and island campgrounds. Both campgrounds and the south boat launch are closed as of June 20. The north campground, nature center area, and upper boat launch will remain open.
The water is moving fast, so if you launch at the upper landing, please be aware of the dock and railings. Areas will re-open after floodwaters recede and damage is assessed for visitor safety, said Lois Larson, park manager.

CHIPPEWA RIVER STATE TRAIL - The trail is flooded between Jopke Road and Porterville Road in Eau Claire County. The river is expected to remain at flood level through June 23. The rest of the trail is open, so plan to use alternative access points such as the Highway 85 wayside, Caryville, or Meridean.

LAKE WISSOTA STATE PARK - Camping season is in full swing! We often have availability during the week, but we regularly fill up on weekends so it is a good idea to make a reservation if you plan on staying a Friday or Saturday evening.
Species of birds seen or hears include scarlet tanagers, indigo buntings, towhees, golden finches, rose-breasted grosbeaks, robins, red polls, a variety of wrens, phoebes, Canada geese, turkey vultures, northern juncos, pileated woodpeckers, great blue herons, green herons, barred owls, bald eagles and belted kingfishers.
We are seeing a number of young turkeys and deer fawns.
Painted and snapping turtles have been digging nests throughout the park property.
Blue flag, dog violet, orange hawkweed, wild columbine, ox eye daisy, wooly yarrow, grove sandwort, marsh marigolds, trillium, wild columbine, bellworts, and the false rue anemones, blackberry and raspberry vines, and common and wood strawberry are in bloom. Wood strawberries are beginning to produce fruit, said Nathan Fries ranger.