West-Central Wisconsin

VERNON COUNTY - Woodpeckers of all species are increasing their drumming activity as the spring breeding season approaches. Drumming is the term applied to a woodpecker's habit of hammering rapidly and loudly on resonating substrates like trees, sign posts, downspouts, roof or chimney flashing, or house siding. Both male and female woodpeckers drum to proclaim territory and as a courtship behavior.
Drumming sounds are an auditory means to identify different woodpecker species. Different woodpecker species possess different drumming sound characteristics. Length and speed of the drumming, as well as changes in tempo, frequency, or intensity provide identification clues to those who listen carefully, said Dave Matheys, wildlife biologist, Viroqua.

MEAD STATE WILDLIFE - Snowshoes are recommended for turkey hunting on Mead Wildlife Area. Snow is deep and will turn to slush on the weekend.
There is no open water on impoundments except on edges. Parking will be difficult due to soft ground and snow/slush in parking areas, according to Brian Peters, property supervisor.

BUCKHORN STATE PARK - Heavy snow fell Sunday into Monday. Some roads are plowed, but more snow is forecast for Wednesday into Thursday, with warmer temperatures to melt snow later in the week.
Trails will not be groomed for skiing and gates will be closed in areas until snow melts.
Turkey hunting is starting with the first two periods in the park and wildlife areas for Zone 1. (April 18-May 1) Maps are available online or at the park office. Periods 3-6 are then allowed only in the Yellow River Wildlife Area, said Heather Wolf, park manager.

ROCHE-A-CRI STATE PARK - The main gate and camping are still closed.
Parking is in the winter/prairie lot on Czech Ave and park stickers are required (self-registration box at parking lot).
Turkey hunting is starting with the first two periods in the park and is Zone 1 (April 18-May 1st). Maps are available online, said Wolf.