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La Crosse's Monsoor newest millionaire on FLW Tour

STODDARD, WI - He's the million dollar man!La Crosse's Tom Monsoor cracked the $1 million mark on the FLW Tour, winning the…

County Am

Well done, Jake Dunn - newest Men's County Am golf champ

HOLMEN, WI - The affable Jake Dunn, with the email prefix "welldunn," won the 30th annual…

Golf News

Sparta's Erickson finishes in 14th place tie in State Amateur

RIVER HILLS, WI - Sparta's Austin Erickson finished in a tie for 14th place in the Wisconsin State Golf Association 119th…

Jake Dunn wins 2020 Pepsi Men's County Amateur title

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Area Report

  • Bob Lamb

    Out and About with Bob

    Nothing matches the sweet aroma of freshly cut alfalfa after Tuesday's mowing of the huge field bordering our condo in the valley. I took in a deep breath of it early Wednesday morning while walking to our mailbox.Deer and turkeys are attracted to…
  • Jerry Davis
    Jul 29, 2020

    From Southern Wisconsin

    Placing deer, elk, small game, upland game bird and bear hunting regulations in a single pamphlet will make answers easier to find and cut publishing…
  • Wild Birds Unlimited
    Jul 29, 2020

    Karen Perry from Wild Birds Unlimited

    I'm calling this report July bird notes:* If you live in a forested area or take nature walks on really hot days, indigo buntings (pictured) will be…

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Oysters in a blanket

What you need12 large oystersSalt and pepperBaconToastWhat you doSprinkle oysters with salt and pepper.Wrap each oyster in a…