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Karen Perry at Wild Birds UnlimitedWILD BIRDS UNLIMITED IN LA CROSSE

Spring migrating birds to our area noticed by our customers and Wild Bird Family are red-winged blackbirds, grackles, white-throated sparrows, white-crowned sparrows, house finches (NOT purple finches, they go up north at this time of year) and gold finches, which are turning more golden/yellow every day.
Juncos, commonly called snowbirds, are still in the area. I expect them to leave within the next week or so. Other early arrivals to look for are chipping sparrows, bluebirds and purple martins to name a few.
Spring is a once-a-year opportunity to see colorful, interesting birds up close. Some birds are migrating north after spending much of fall and winter in warmer climates. Others never left the area, choosing to tolerate the same weather that La Crosse area residents did this winter.
Birds that you would not normally see in your yard may pass through and visit your feeders and bird baths for replenishment as they head north. Birds that were here during winter are also becoming more active.
Spring is a critical season to feed wild birds. They have either endured cold temperatures and limited food supplies, or they have expended large amounts of energy during their migratory flights. And though spring can be warm and sunny, the majority of birds’ natural food sources have not had time to grow. Many birds rely on bird seed and suet to help them survive cold spring nights or sudden spring storms.
When birds set up residence in your yard, you will be fortunate to observe a wide variety of behaviors, including courting, mating, nesting and raising young.
Please remember that the staff at Wild Birds Unlimited (located at Crosseroads Center – 9348 State Hwy 16, Suite 214 (next to Hallmark in Onalaska, WI) is very knowledgeable in helping you attract different birds to your yard, depending on your location and habitat. Please stop in and see us.
FYI – Seed prices have dropped – we are so excited about this so our WBU blends are not only a GREAT way to attract a wide variety of birds, but are GREAT on the WALLET! Yahoo!
Enjoy your birds!
Karen Perry

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