Area Report

West-Central Wisconsin

VERNON COUNTY - Bluebirds continue their return to the area, so if you have not already cleaned out your bluebird houses, it is important that you do so quickly.
Bluebird houses should be placed 5-6 feet above the ground in pairs (25 feet apart). Pairs should be placed 100-200 yards apart. Entrance holes should face northeast, east, or southeast to prevent sunlight from entering the hole and overheating the box. Boxes should be monitored weekly and undesirable materials such as house sparrow or starling nesting materials or wasp nests should be removed.
One should also remove the remains of a successful hatch once the birds have fledged, as bluebirds will initiate a second nest if the first is successful.
The Bluebird Restoration Association of Wisconsin has an informative website at, said Dave Matheys, wildlife biologist in Viroqua.

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